Falklands Memorial Service for Thatcher

17 Apr

A Memorial Service for Margaret Thatcher was held yesterday at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Christ Church Cathedral in the capital Stanley was packed; a measure of the esteem in which she is held in the islands. MT Memorial

Members of the British military, whose predecessors evicted the Argentinean invaders in 1982, also attended the service in uniform.

Ian Hanson, a member of the Falkland Islands Assembly gave the tribute; “In the case of the Falklands, her conviction that standing up for justice and freedom was the right thing to do, may have made her difficult decisions easier. We must give thanks for that conviction and for her strength of character. Because of her courage, and the skill, bravery and sacrifice of Britain’s armed forces – our liberty and our future were secured. Lady Thatcher’s legacy in our Islands goes much further than our liberation. She made the UK’s position on the Falklands very clear; there would be no negotiation over the Falkland Islands unless and until the Islanders wished it. This has ensured that subsequent British governments, regardless of political affiliation, have publicly reaffirmed the right of Falkland Islanders to determine their own future. “More than 30 years on, the support of the current British Government could not be stronger.”

Mr Hanson told the congregation: “Today’s modern Falkland Islands is forward-looking, internally self-governing and financially self-sufficient. There is perhaps no greater legacy to a prime minister who was not afraid to stand up for freedom and justice, than the people and community she allowed us to become. One thing is certain, in the Falkland Islands her memory will never be forgotten. Margaret Thatcher – What a woman!  What a leader!  What a friend!”



One Response to “Falklands Memorial Service for Thatcher”

  1. lmgaylard April 18, 2013 at 12:53 am #

    Well done to the good BRITISH people of the Falklands. She was a great leader and will be missed.

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