Biased statements by the C24’s Chairman over the Falklands

4 Mar

Diego Morejón Pazmiño, the Ecuadorian President of the United Nations Decolonization Committee has stated that the Falkland Islands are not a ‘decolonization’ matter and should not be subject to the deliberations of his Committee. This, in spite of the fact that the UN has considered the Falklands an issue for decolonisation since 1946. United-Nations

Speaking a week before the referendum due to be held in the British Overseas Territory, in which the Islanders are to vote on whether or not to stay British, the Ecuadorian Ambassador said; “I think that the people that live in the Islands can do whatever they wish. They have that right and it can’t be denied. But nevertheless the discussion is not self-determination but sovereignty over the Islands according to the UN documentation.”

“Falklands/Malvinas figures in the list of non autonomous territories because of a unilateral decision from the UK going back to 1946. If you check the list you will see it figures as a Territory, with the administrative power, the UK. There in that paper is the dependency relation, but several UN resolutions have established the need for the two countries to sit and discuss the issue as of sovereignty. And when the issue refers to sovereignty, the Decolonization Committee has nothing to do…”

Coming some 67 years after the British Government placed the Falkland Islands onto the UN’s list of territories entitled to determine their own future, these remarks by the recently elected President of the sub-sub-Committee that deals with decolonization are something of a revelation. Indeed they beg the question; “Why now.”

The UN’s founding Charter grants the right of self-determination to all peoples of Non-Self Governing Territories and the imminent referendum appears to be a factor in the Ambassador’s dramatic conclusion; particularly as Ecuador supports Argentina’s spurious claim to the South Atlantic archipelago.

If, as Pazmiño says, the Falklands are not a Non-Self Governing Territory, but merely a boundary dispute, why has this never been pointed out before? Is there some recognition that the Islanders’ are about to change the status quo with their referendum? Is this a friend of Argentina trying to discount the Islanders’ right to decide their own future within the protection offered by the United Nation’s Charter? Is this an attempt to move the goalposts after 67 years?

Pazmiño’s conclusion is obviously wrong. Worse, for the Chairman of the Decolonization Committee, it is obviously biased. For Argentina, it also smacks of desperation.


One Response to “Biased statements by the C24’s Chairman over the Falklands”

  1. Geoff Margretson March 5, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    … wait a minute. Wasn’t this the guy who heralded the attendance of KFC to the committee’s last get-together merely on the premise of annexing the Falklands to Argentina who is now saying that it’s got nothing to do with the committee at all? Isn’t this the guy who refuses to go to the falklands and yet considers himself an expert?

    I think we should be told.

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