Timerman fails to persuade MP’s

6 Feb

British MP’s and Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, clashed in Parliament yesterday when he attended a meeting of the all-party UK/Argentina group. Hector T

Refusing to recognise that the forthcoming referendum in the Falkland Islands was capable of being of any importance to the debate over sovereignty, Timerman brought protests when he said; “The self-determination referendum doesn’t apply to the Malvinas. It is not a colonised people, it is a colonised territory,.. It is not a matter for negotiation. Not one single country in the world recognises the sovereignty of the United Kingdom in the Malvinas. We have to respect the interests of the people living in the area but not the wishes.”

He went on to compare the Falkland Islanders to the Israeli settlers on the West Bank.

Protesting voices included the Commons Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, who demanded; “Just listen to the people who live there. Allow their voices to be heard,” while Labour MP Derek Twigg told the Foreign Minister; “As far as we are concerned, there can be no negotiation on the issue of self-determination.”

On leaving the lobby of the Commons, Hector Timerman was approached by Dick Sawle who attempted to pass on a letter from the Islanders requesting a meeting with, the obviously annoyed, Foreign Minister. Timerman refused to accept the letter.

Hector Timerna went on to claim to the press that the Falklands would belong to Argentina within 20 years, reminiscent of the promise of Argentina’s then President, Carlos Menem, in 1992 when he told his people that the archipelago would be Argentine by the year 2000.




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