The Sun burns in Buenos Aires

5 Jan

Following demonstrations in Buenos Aires where copies of The Sun newspaper were burnt; a group of the islanders, called Falklands United, responded to a letter by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner published in The Guardian and Independent newspapers in Britain, in which she called for the UK to give up the Falklands. 112
They wrote: “Our home is a British Overseas Territory, not a colony as you seemingly wish to convince people. We have never been prouder of our association with the United Kingdom and our unique relationship. Any decision to change that would be OUR and not YOUR choice. In 1982 we didn’t have a voice. In 2013 we do. We are OUR own people and we have a right to OUR own democracy and to where OUR sovereignty lies.”

An advertisement in The Buenos Aires Herald, paid for by The Sun, was a refutation of Argentina’s claim to the British archipelago; pointing out that the British claim to the Islands went back to 1765. Argentina only declared itself independent of the Spanish Crown in 1816. Argentina also claims that Britain ‘usurped’ their sovereignty by ejecting an Argentine settlement in 1833. In reality this was a ‘police’ action to expel an illegal garrison from Buenos Aires that had arrived in the Islands some two months before. Argentina had been warned by the British Government in 1829, that the Falklands were British and Buenos Aires should stay away. Argentina again tried to take the Falklands by force in 1982 leading to the Falklands War.


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