“Hands Off” says the Sun

4 Jan

A British newspaper has published a full page advert in Argentina, warning its President to keep her “hands off” the Falklands. Falk Flag
The Sun was responding to an open letter from Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, in which she called for the islands to come under Argentine sovereignty. 

The newspaper’s message to Ms Kirchner – printed in The Buenos Aires Herald – raises the issue of Argentina’s 1982 invasion of the islands. It mentions the 649 Argentine and 255 British servicemen who lost their lives and says the invasion was in “direct conflict” with the UN principle of self-determination. The advertisment also disputes Argentina’s claim to the islands by pointing out that British sovereignty dates back to 1765.
The advertisement concludes: “Until the people of the Falkland Islands choose to become Argentinian, they remain resolutely British. In the name of our millions of readers, and to put it another way: ‘HANDS OFF!'”
The Falklands were visited and claimed in 1765  by Commodore Byron for King George III. The following year Captain John Macbride arrived with two ships and 25 marines for the garrison. The French, who had arrived in 1764 and built a fort on East Falkland Island abandoned their claim in 1767. Spanish troops then moved into the French fort and challenged the British over the sovereignty of the archipelago. This came close to war in 1770 before Spain backed down. Spain maintained its claim until 1863 when it sent a diplomatic mission to the Falkland Islands which saluted the Union Jack.

Argentina believes that it inherited Spain’s claim



One Response to ““Hands Off” says the Sun”

  1. Bloke January 5, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    It all breaks down to troll reversal 🙂

    Also someone needs to point out that burning the union flag loses all of its symbolism if you get the design wrong.

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