Uruguay offends Argentina over the ‘Falkland’ Islands

16 Aug

From the Buenos Aires Herald:

A small diplomatic slip up in the Uruguayan government has once again ignited the controversy, after a document recently issued by the neighbouring country’s Foreign Ministry describes the archipelago as “Falkland.” 
The statement is featured in a decree signed by President José “Pepe” Mujíca last June 25th. The document, issued by Uruguayan Foreign Ministry, updates the schedule of diplomatic mission visits so they are accommodated to the requirements of citizens living abroad. “I hereby approve the distribution of consular jurisdictions which will regulate the activity of Diplomatic Missions working on a consular capacity and Consular Offices of the Republic,” the document reads.
Included is a description of consular jurisdictions enumerating all the countries in which Uruguay has diplomatic representation. The list also includes those states in which Uruguay has no consular office and designates nearby offices in other countries to function as such. In the South America section, under the headline “Dependent Territories,” the name “Falkland Islands” can be read. As explained right next to it, there is no consular office in the archipelago, for which such district is supervised by the Uruguayan delegation in the United Kingdom. 
It is a glaring mistake considering it comes from a country – and an administration – that has always positioned itself as an unconditional ally of Argentina in the controversy. 

Britain has claimed the archipelago since 1765, while Argentina’s claim goes back to 1833. Uruguay did have a consular office at Stanley for a long period after 1924 and operated as the South American link for the Falklands’ postal service. An agreement for an air connection was also signed in 1947. In 1952 Argentina protested both the consular office and the air agreement and, as a result, banned Argentine shipping from stopping at Montevideo.




3 Responses to “Uruguay offends Argentina over the ‘Falkland’ Islands”

  1. pete dicks August 16, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    It’ll be a running sore until the Argentine children are taught that the Islanders have the right to self determination

  2. Starwalker August 16, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    Interesting, though, that Uruguay, a South American neighbour of Argentina, seems from the above account to have used the term “Falkland Islands”.rather than “Malvinas”.

  3. zeezr August 25, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    I think it’s about time for every non-Argentinian, specially Spanish-speaking countries, to stop being afraid of ‘offending Argentina’ when calling the islands ‘Falklands’. As long as there’s a Falklands flag waiving, the name is and will be Falkland Islands!

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