Brainwashing in Argentina

31 Jul

On the back of reports yesterday that the Falkland Islands’ Government is seeking international observers to oversee the referendum process in 2013 that will determine once and for all the wishes of the Falkland Islanders; many Argentine press reports are maintaining the lie that the right to self-determination does not apply to the Falklands.

As an illustration of this, the political section in Clarin, said; ‘The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, anticipated that the United Kingdom will respect any choice by the Islanders and called upon the Argentina and their allies to do the same. “Britain will respect and defend your choice.” We hope that all members of the United Nations accept the decision of the Islanders on how they want to live,” he said. However, for the UN, the Islands are a disputed territory and it does not recognize the right to self-determination that they claim for its inhabitants.’

It is rather surprising that the Argentine press continues to spread this spurious version of the real situation. In fact the UN’s Charter makes it quite clear that all peoples have the right to determine their own future; and this recognised human right has never been subject to any condition or restriction. The word ‘indiginous’ does not appear anywhere in the Charter, nor is the right restricted in any way to peoples who are not subject to a territorial dispute. Independence, for example, has previously been recognised even where such a situation did exist and the occasional attempts by Argentine diplomats to secure a condition via the back door, have always been suppressed by the United Nations Organisation itself.

The people of the Falkland Islands clearly have the right to determine their own future, and it cannot be taken away from them. The Argentine Government’s pathetic attempts to suggest otherwise belies the term ‘free press’ in Argentina. In a healthy democracy a Government spread lie, such as this is, would quickly be denounced. Or is everyone in Argentina blind to the truth ?



One Response to “Brainwashing in Argentina”

  1. CLopez August 1, 2012 at 2:45 am #

    Clarin hates CFK almost as much as you do. Whoever is spreading these “lies” I assure you it’s not a Kirchnerist. They will even help you if you want to plot against her.

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