Increasing Hostility from Argentina

28 Jun

The Buenos Aires Herald reports today that Argentina’s offer of air-links with the Falkland Islands has been rejected as these proposals had not been made; “within a context of amity and friendship,” but rather, “against a backdrop of increasing hostility.”

Part of the response by the Islands Government to an initiative submitted by Argentina’s Ambassador to Great Britain, Alicia Castro, in April, what the Falklands reply actually said was that the Islanders were;

“keen to strengthen communication links between the Falkland islands and the continent, and are prepared to discuss with the Argentine Government ways in which this might be achieved. A welcome first step would be for the Government of Argentina if it is sincere about improving air links to the Islands – to rescind its unjustified and illegal ban on charter flights over flying Argentina which, since 2003, has impeded access for tourists, business travellers and other visitors. This would be a confidence building measure which would allow discussion of other proposals, both those from the Argentine Government,and others which we might wish to table.”

It appears that this reply by the Falkland Islands Government is being interpreted as a rejection by the Government in Buenos Aires. The FIG also made it plain that they would not be prepared to suffer the loss of the regular LAN Chile flight which stops off at Rio Gallegos allowing Argentines to fly to the archipelago.


3 Responses to “Increasing Hostility from Argentina”

  1. John Newcomb June 28, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    The FIG reply (by way of FCO) certainly doesn’t seem like a rejection. If Argentina thinks that giving up the LAN link is a rejection, it really does raise suspicions that either the Argentine government doesn’t want their chosen air carrier to have to compete with LAN for economic reasons, or more insidiously, that the Argentine tactic is to create a dependency on an Argentine airline with a view to have more power over Falkland Island links.

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