England invented colonialism; says Argentina

20 Jun

In the immediate aftermath of the close encounter of an undiplomatic kind at the G20, between David Cameron and Cristina Fernandez, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, lashed out at the British Prime Minister.

Fernandez’s attempt to pass on an envelope of old UN Resolutions to Cameron had backfired when the Prime Minister gave a very quick “No” to sovereignty talks over the Falkland Islands, and demanded that Argentina respect the forthcoming referendum. President Fernandez immediately appeared to be reduced to rambling incoherent phrases, although this may have been down to her interpreter’s inability to keep up. David Cameron’s prompt about-turn and departure added to the Argentine’s frustrations.

“The prime minister refused to accept the documents, turned his back and walked away without a farewell,” said Timerman, “After years of acting as a colonial power they have forgotten that they are responsible for the existence of colonialism, and that it is countries like Argentina that defeated most of the colonial projects in the world.”

Cameron’s take on the event was a little different. “We should be clear that because there’s a referendum there’s an opportunity for those countries in the world who have not looked at this issue for a while and have perhaps accepted some of the propaganda put around by Argentina or its supporters to look again at this issue and recognise that the people of these islands should be able to determine their own future,” he said, adding “It’s an important point to make to the Argentine president and an important point to make more widely and that’s exactly why I did what I did.”

Historically, the Spanish were amongst the first nations to form colonies. Indeed, Argentines are descended from the early Spanish colonisers of South America, whereas there was no indigenous population of the Falklands before Britain established its sovereignty. Argentina claims to have inherited the Falklands from Spain even though they did not exist as a nation untill 1816. Britain’s claim goes back to 1765.


One Response to “England invented colonialism; says Argentina”

  1. Don Alberto June 20, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    Historically, Rome formed colonies more than 2000 years ago, and the Egyptians, Greeks and Phoenicians formed colonies while Rome was a small village in the swamps surrounding the Tiber river.

    The Spanish and Portuguese were the first to form colonies after the end of the middle ages.

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