Cameron’s message to Argentina “is clear”

18 Jun

David Cameron has fired a broadside at Argentina, accusing the country of colonialism over the Falklands. In a TV interview recorded ahead of the opening session of the G20 summit at which he expects to encounter Ms Kirchner, Mr Cameron said: “The Falkland Islanders have decided to have a referendum. They are going to ask a very simple question of whether they want to continue with the status quo or whether they want to change. The message to Argentina is very clear – listen to what the people of the Falkland Islands want. We should all believe in this day and age in self-determination, not colonialism.”

The Prime Minister said he would use the opportunity presented by the G20 summit in Mexico to tell Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to her face that she should listen to the people of the Falklands when they say they want to remain British.

The Prime Minister is expected to exchange a few words with the Argentine President as the G20 leaders gather for the opening session, but there will be no formal bilateral talks between the UK and Argentina. On the issue of sovereignty, the Prime Minister has made it clear that talks can only take place if the Islanders ask for them.

The Falkland Islands Government has announced that it will hold a referendum next year so that its people can decide on which direction they wish to take. Their right to determine their own future is enshrined in the United Nation’s Charter.


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