Argentina claims the UN is to ‘insist’ on Falklands negotiations

18 Jun

Telam, the official press agency of Argentina’s Government, is claiming that the Secretary-General of the United Nations will ‘insist’, on the United Kingdom negotiating the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands with Argentina.

According to Telam, ‘Ban Ki-moon, said that he will insist in his good offices efforts .. so the United Kingdom “sits at the negotiating table with Argentina on the sovereignty issue of the Falkland islands”.’

This interpretation of the Secretary-general’s open offer of a mediation service should the two sides wish it, may come as some surprise in New York. It will certainly surprise the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has made it plain that, if Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner, wishes to confront him with her demands at the G20 summit in Mexico, then he’ll confront her right back with an unarguable, “No.”

At last year’s meeting of the G20 it was suggested by Argentina that their President would demand negotiations in a face-to-face meeting. It was then made plain by the British Foreign Office that, should she attempt to do so, she would receive a diplomatic, and very public, ‘brush-off’. As a result the encounter never occurred.

Telam also claims that the issue of Falklands’ sovereignty demanded in Kirchner’s speech before the Decolonisation Committee last week caused ‘repercussions’ in Britain, and highlighted that the Russian owned Independent newspaper, and the BBC, chose to use the Spanish name for the British Overseas Territory rather than the correct name.

Telam did not report any opinions from the popular Daily Mail, or the Telegraph.


One Response to “Argentina claims the UN is to ‘insist’ on Falklands negotiations”

  1. Don Alberto June 18, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    If Ban Ki-moon actually said that he observes “with interest the economic results that Argentina has achieved in the last years” he was either ironic or hasn’t followed Argentine economy during the last couple of years. Annual inflation of 23% and running out of desperately needed foreign currency seem to be pretty bad achievements.

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