Argentina reacts to the Falklands’ Referendum

13 Jun

After the announcement yesterday that the Falkland Islanders intend to hold a referendum on their future, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, lent his support; ” I have always said it is up to the Falkland Islanders themselves to choose whether they want to be British and that the world should listen to their views. Thirty years ago they made clear that they wanted to stay British. That’s why British forces bravely liberated the island from Argentine invaders. Next year’s referendum will determine beyond doubt the views of the people of the Falklands. Britain will respect and defend their choice. We look to all UN members to live up to their responsibilities under the UN charter and accept the islanders’ decision about how they want to live.”

There was no immediate reaction from the Argentine Government however, although some of their Parliamentarians were quick to comment. “This has no value because Argentina rejects the possibility of self-determination by an implanted population, as it is the British population in the Falkland Islands”, said Guillermo Carmona of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina’s Committee of External Affairs. He went on to claim that the referendum would not be in compliance with “international law” and was an attempt to deflect from the arrival of Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner, before the Decolonization Committee tomorrow.

Daniel Filmus, from the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Senate, said that the ‘so called’ referendum in the Falklands; “.. does not change the Argentine position. For Argentina, the decision to call a referendum does not change the position of our country which is always based on the Resolutions of the United Nations, and that sovereignty must be resolved in bilateral negotiations with the United Kingdom.”

The United Nation’s Decolonization Committee favours referendum as a method of determining the wishes of the people of a non-self governing territory who have the right under the founding Charter to determine their own future. Independence is only one of the potential results however. Maintaining the status quo is another.


4 Responses to “Argentina reacts to the Falklands’ Referendum”

  1. John Newcomb June 13, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    UN Decolonization Committee might wholly approve a referendum – if were a referendum of Argentina’s citizens on whether or not to confirm the expansion of Argentine sovereignty over the Falkland Islands…

    • Alan Arnold June 13, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

      Good this referendum wil send a clear message to the argentine aggressors and to the international comunity that the falklands is not a possession but an independant country with rights under the United Nations which has the support of the british people in what ever choice the islanders make… GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

    • yereverluvinunclebert June 15, 2012 at 8:48 am #

      Perhaps a better referendum would be to determine whether Argentina’s indigenous native population would like to have their Spanish-colonised country returned to them and the immigrants of Spanish descent returned to their ‘home’. It is strange that a country that is so completely founded upon colonialism can be allowed to play the ‘colonial’ card.

  2. yereverluvinunclebert June 15, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    The Argentine political position is childlike. Argentina as a country needs to grow up and show some maturity in the rhetoric used. So many of the words used show the reality of the Argentine position. Describing the Falkland settlers with words like “an implanted population” imply that the consider the population to be transient and easily transplantable. They have no respect toward the settlers and no idea what the Falkland Islanders views are. They appear to assume that the Falklands is very much like a long-term oil rig with a crew that can be made to go home…

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