False Falklands History at the United Nations: How Argentina misled the UN in 1964 – and still does

3 Jun


With this month’s annual debate at the United Nation’s Special Committee for Decolonization being glamorized by the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez’s appearance on June 14th, it is perhaps apt that an academic scrutiny of a previous performance before the UN Committee should appear.

In this detailed work, historians Dr. Graham Pascoe and Peter Pepper have considered the claims made by Argentina’s representative to the United Nations in 1964. José María Ruda was perhaps the most successful of Argentina’s diplomats in promoting his country’s claim to the Falkland Islands and there is little doubt that his speech was instrumental in the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 2065 of the following year. This Resolution was the first to recognise that there was a dispute between Argentina and Britain over the archipelago, and called on the two nations to talk.

2065 is still cited by Argentina in its pursuit of negotiations over sovereignty of the British Overseas Territory despite the Resolution’s demise following Argentina’s invasion of the Falklands in 1982.

In this, the 30th anniversary year of the Falklands War, it is appropriate that Argentina’s single success in the diplomatic wars should be considered in-depth.

The document, entitled False Falklands History at the United Nations: How Argentina misled the UN in 1964 – and still does, looks at each of Argentina’s claims, revisits the history and highlights the discrepancies. An excellent read for all those interested in the Falklands and the people of those distant Isles.




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