Ecuador call’s Britain’s attitude to the Falklands “shameful” !

31 May

Speaking to the United Nations Special Committee for Decolonisation at its Regional Seminar in Quito, the Ecuadorian representative, Ricardo Patiño, described as “shameful” the fact that 10 colonies remained on the Committee’s list of non-self-governing territories.

“We have always supported Argentina in its claim over the Falkland Islands. We have never been accomplices of the great powers vision towards the UK and its audacity of pretending to continue dominating colonially those Islands in the South Atlantic”, he said, adding disingenuously that Argentina is, “only demanding a negotiations process to end with this colonialism situation”.

The UN’s Decolonisation Committee (C24) is a sub-Committee of the Fourth Committee and holds a regional conference every year. This is supposed to be held in one of the remaining non-self-governing territories but this year, having turned down an invitation from the Falkland Islands Legislative Council, the Committee opted for Quito in Ecuador. Ecuador has never been on the UN’s list but has recently found itself before the UN’s Human Rights Council accused of breaching its citizens right to freedom of speech.

Representatives from the Falkland Islands are also in Quito in an attempt, yet again, to convince the C24 that they are already fully exercising their right to self-determination and wish to remain British. The Decolonisation Committee has consistently refused to acknowledge the Falkland Islanders requests to be de-listed, as it has declined repeated invitations for the members of the Committee to visit the Islands.

Britain refuses to deal with this discredited Committee which declines to recognise Britain’s relationships with it Overseas Territories as being a modern one. Britain fully supports the Falklanders’ right to self-determination under the UN Charter. The C24 has previously attempted to water down that right by inventing conditions not included in the Charter, but these have been thrown out by the Fourth Committee. Contrary to Argentina’s allegations there are no longer any ‘live’ Resolutions on the subject of the Falklands, the last being in 1988.

The Falkland Islands have been British since 1765. Spain contested this until 1863 when it acknowledged Britain’s rights. Argentina believes it inherited Spain’s claim in 1816. Argentina’s own Constitution precludes any outcome from negotiations other than a complete handover of sovereignty to them.


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