Rumour and Speculation – an Argentine talent?

23 May

Speculation continues regarding the destination of the nuclear submarine, HMS Talent, following speculation by a number of British newspapers that the vessel is headed towards the Falkland Islands. One report had it that HMS Talent is to arrive in the Falklands on June 14th in time for the events due to celebrate the end of the Falklands War in 1982.

Neither the British Foreign Office not the Defence Ministry would give any details of the submarine’s planned route, although this is unsurprising as there is never any official comment about the movements of such vessels.

Argentina’s neighbour, Uruguay, has announced that they will not offer any port facilities to the submarine should it ask to be allowed in, and has reiterated it’s support to Argentina. There is agreement amongst the Mercosur nations that port facilities will not be made available to foreign warships whose presence is connected to the Falkland Islands.

Britain maintains a military presence in and around the Falkland Islands to deter any future possibility of a third Argentine attack. Britain’s claim to the South Atlantic archipelago dates back to 1765. Argentina position is that it inherited Spain’s claim in 1816 and that Britain seized the Islands in 1833 after Buenos Aires sent an armed garrison to take control the previous year. Spain recognised British sovereignty in 1863. More recently Argentina has attempted to impose an economic blockade of the Islands.


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