Falklands being viewed as a national entity, complains Timerman

21 May

Yesterday, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, told journalists that it was his country’s ambition that by 2015 all remaining colonies in the world would be gone.

Complaining that the Falkland Islands were increasingly being viewed as a national entity rather than part of Argentina’s national territory, Timerman said that he would work to end the colonial situation in all the 16 non-self-governing territories including the Falklands. He lamented that the British archipelago in the South Atlantic was seen as being founded after the disastrous invasion by Argentina in 1982, rather than in 1833 when he claimed that Britain had seized the Islands by force.

The Foreign Minister accused Britain of being the “epitome of colonialism” while Argentina was the “victim.”

A total of 16 old colonial territories are listed by the United Nations as being ‘non-self-governing’, 10 of these also being British Overseas Territories. Some, such as Pitcairn Islands have a population so low that independence is impossible, others, such as the Falkland Islands and Bermuda, have opted to maintain the status quo and have a relationship with the United Kingdom. The British Government, in line with UN policy, maintains that only the peoples of the non-self-governing territories can decide the issue. Argentina rejects this approach claiming that Britain stole the Falklands from them in 1833. Their version of history ignores the British claim which goes back to 1765.





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