Chilean support group affirms backing for Argentina’s territorial claims

18 May

A small group of Chilean supporters of Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands held a meeting with their neighbour’s Committee on Foreign Affairs yesterday, to restate their support.

The meeting was attended by Chilean legislators Juan Gabriel Váldez, Jaime Gazmurri Mujica and Eduardo Rodríguez Murachi who met with Guillermo Carmona and Rosana Bertone. This group expressed support for the concept that the Falklands were not just an issue for Argentina but was one that affected the whole of Latin America. They did recognise however that the issue was not of great concern to many Chileans.

In Chile, the current Government gives support to Argentina’s claims although this has not always been seen as unconditional.

Carmona pledged to the Argentines, that her group would hold presentations in an attempt to spread the message of unity around the country.

Elsewhere, the Argentine Senate approved the creation of a Bicameral Commission to pursue the country’s goal of gaining sovereignty over the British archipelago which lie some 400km into the South Atlantic. The Islands have been British sovereign territory since 1765 although Spain maintained its own claim to the eastern Island until 1863. Argentina believes that it inherited Spain’s claim when it broke away in 1816. This concept of ‘inheritance’ is not recognised as a principle of international law however.

The United Nations Charter guarantees the Falkland Islanders right to determine their own future.


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