David Cameron confirms support for the Falklands

12 May

In the face of complaint and threat from the Government of Argentina, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, once again confirmed his committment to the Falkland Islands this week. Speaking in Parliament on the 30th anniversary of the landing of British forces during the brief Falklands War, he said; “I am sure that the House will join me in paying tribute to the 255 British servicemen who gave their lives in the defence of freedom. Three decades have not dimmed our memories of their bravery, nor have they dimmed this country’s resolve, make no mistake: for as long as the people of the Falkland islands wish to remain British, that is exactly how it will be.”

Recently Argentina has threatened to sue any company involved in the search for oil around the Falkland Islands and has demanded that the London Stock Exchange ensure that any investors in such companies are aware of the risks. This does not appear to have acted as much of a deterrent however, as the latest news is that the India’s state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is seeking to buy into Falklands Oil and Gas.

David Cameron has been unwavering in his support for the distant archipelago and has fully supported the right of the peoples of those Islands to determine their own future. This right is enshrined in the United Nations founding Charter which Argentina signed up to in 1945, although it has paid scant regard to its obligations since then.

Argentina claims that it inherited the Falklands after the collapse of the Spanish Empire despite the fact that Britain’s claim goes back to 1765. Spain recognised British sovereignty in 1863.


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