Argentina will get the Falklands, “in time”, says Filmus

30 Mar

Daniel Filmus, who is chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Argentine senate, said today that the Falkland Islands will belong to Argentina. In an interview with Radio Five Live, he said: “There’s no suppression which lasts forever, it’s just a matter of how much time it takes for it to be understood that there must be dialogue and the need to find a mechanism for diplomatic agreement to get us there… we have enough patience and know what is right. ”

Filmus told the programme: “It is in our constitution and it is in the hearts of all Argentinians that sooner or later we will regain the Falklands, .. along with all the riches that are there – fishing, oil and the Antarctic projects. And this is something that concerns the sovereignty not just of Argentina but the whole of Latin America.”

The British position is that the Falkland Islands have been sovereign territory since 1765, and that the Islanders are free to determine their own future. A Foreign Office spokesman said; “The people of the Falkland Islands are British out of choice. They are free to determine their own future and there will be no negotiations with Argentina over sovereignty unless the islanders wish it.”

South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the British Antarctic territories are not subject to United Nations scrutiny as part of the decolonisation process and constitute separate British Overseas Territories although all claims to Antarctica are frozen under the Antarctic Treaty. Argentina has attempted to seize the Falkland Islands on two occasions, 1832 and 1982. Nearly 1000 young men died in the last attempt.



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