No Sense in Negotiating over the Falklands

29 Mar

In remarks made to French reporters yesterday, the British Governor of the Falkland Islands, Nigel Haywood, said that negotiating with Argentina; “makes no sense as long as Buenos Aires keeps denying the Islanders right of self-determination… we have all rights over the territory plus the islanders want to be British.”

The Governor, who represents the British Crown in the Islands, indicated that a referendum may be carried out by the Falkland Islands Government to ascertain a clear majority in favour of self-determination. This could be requested by the United Nations in order to obtain a clear picture of the wishes of the Falklanders.

The archipelago in the South Atlantic has been British sovereign territory since 1765 and Britain has twice had to use some degree of force to evict trespassing Argentine troops. The Government in Buenos Aires was clearly warned in 1829 that the territory did not belong to them, but went on to ignore the warning by sending an armed force to take control in September, 1832. This was ejected by the Royal Navy in January, 1833. Argentina sent a full invasion force in April, 1982 which was defeated 74 days later by British troops in the Falklands War.

The British Government has made it clear that it fully supports the Islanders’ right to determine their own future.


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