Argentina commences legal action against 5 British Companies

25 Mar

A news report in the Buenos Aires Herald has announced that Argentina’s Government has started the process of taking legal action against the five British companies currently involved in oil exploration around the Falkland Islands.

Hector Timerman announced the formation of a Committee to oversee the legal attack via the Ministry website; “The Foreign Ministry has provided information and data that prove the aformentioned illegal drilling to the Energy Secretariat in order to begin legal proceedings against each of the five affected British companies.”

The Committee is to be composed of the General Attorney’s Office, the Treasury’s General Attorney, AFIP tax agency and the Energy Secretariat who are to, “coordinate legal and administrative strategies against the companies.”

These measures are being carried out against: Argos Resources Limited, Borders & Southern Petroleum PLC, Desire Petroleum PLC, Falkland Oil and Gas Limited and Rockhopper Exploration PLC, all of whom have drilling licenses in the area of the islands.

In a further move, the Foreign Ministry also announced an inquiry into possible offences against the General Tax Directive (DGI) and the General Customs Directive (DGA), committed by the five. The ENARSA state energy company is to act as lead plaintiff in the lawsuits and legal proceedings will be announced to the UK’s Financial Services Authority, “in order to safeguard the principles that rule the world’s financial markets.”

The British Government are committed to protect what they see as the legitimate interests of the Falkland Islanders whose rights to determine their own future, and make use of their own resources, are enshrined in the United Nations Charter and a number of UN Resolutions. Britain has held the sovereignty of the Islands since 1765, although Argentina bases a claim on events in the 1820’s. It is unclear quite what the proposed legal action can achieve.


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