Argentina’s High Moral Ground ?

19 Mar

Yesterday a meeting took place between Argentine representatives and those of a delegation from Israel which is in Argentina seeking support for further sanctions over Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Whilst listening sympathetically to the Israelis, Argentina’s representatives immediately tried to tie in support for Israel with corresponding support for Argentina over the Falkland Islands. “We want to ask the Israelis to join us in the claim for sovereignty and the loss of the territorial aspect of the Falkland Islands,” Congressman Alfredo Atansof was quoted as saying by the  Jewish News Agency (AJN).

The Congressman went on to complain that Israel had not previously supported Argentina’s claim to the British archipelago in spite of the fact that there were many ‘human rights’ similarities between the two countries. Atanasof also expressed his desire that both countries could go together to United Nations and support each other’s complaints.

After listening to the Argentine position, the Israeli delegation, represented by Minister Yossi Peled, said, “Everything that I have heard here they are going to hear in Jerusalem.”

The question of Iran’s nuclear program has been high on the UN’s Security Council’s list of major concerns in recent years, following threats issued by Iran against Israel. The Falkland Islands have not figured in Security Council thinking since 1982, the last time that Argentina attempted to seize the Falklands by force. At that time the SC issued Resolution 502 calling upon Argentina to withdraw from the Islands. Argentina ignored the demand.

Argentine forces were expelled from the Islands following a 74 day war with Great Britain. Close to 1000 young men lost their lives.



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