Argentina fails to stop flights between Chile and the Falklands

17 Mar

Yesterday saw the return of Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, following her official visit to Chile, and with little information coming out of the official news agency it would seem that she failed in one of her prime objects, which was to persuade President Sebastián Piñera to assist in Argentina’s blockade of the Falkland Islands.

At the United Nations last September, Fernandez had announced her opposition to the flights between Chile and the Falklands continuing in their present form, and had more recently stated that Argentina wished to see the flights replaced by a regular service between Buenos Aires and the British archipelago.

Piñera, having received diplomatic moves by both Britain and Argentina in the same week, appears to have resisted the demands of his neighbour, although Chile did reiterate its traditional support for Argentina’s claim to the Islands.

David Cameron’s trip to Washington also appears to have bolstered, if not direct support, then the historical neutrality of the USA on the issue of Falklands sovereignty.

“United States recognises the de facto administration of the UK in the Islands, but does not have a position over the sovereignty pretensions of both countries,” said a US spokesman said.

Britain has criticised the measures being taken by Argentina which has seen restrictions to sea traffic and a threat to sue banks and other companies servicing the Falklands fledgling oil industry. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has pledged his Nation’s continuing support for the Falkland Islanders right to determine their own future.


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