Timerman’s Whistle-Stop Tour of Africa

10 Mar

In his ever-lasting quest to garner support for Argentina’s questionable claim to the Falkland Islands, Hector Timerman, the Foreign Secretary, is on a whistle-stop tour of Africa.

Yesterday he arrived in Mozambique and met with President Armando Guebuza in Maputo.The President of that African State was promptly given the usual set of DVD’s in which Argentina expounds its view that the colonialist British stole the Falklands archipelago in 1833.

President Guebuza thanked Argentina’s Foreign Minister and reassured him that Mozambique’s position was that the issue should be resolved within the framework of United Nations Resolutions.

Having met his country’s demand that the Falkland Islands be raised at every opportunity, Hector Timerman moved on to other business; “We have come to Mozambique with the interest of strengthening ties between the two countries and working together in many aspects of international politics that can bring benefits for our peoples. Argentina is a country with a great agrícola-tecnológico development and our cooperation is to share it with others to ensure food security for their people. In this sense I am accompanied by experts in health, science and technology, universities..”

In the afternoon, Minister Timerman gave a presentation; ‘Colonialism: A problem of the 19th century to the twenty-first century,’ at the Institute of International Relations of Mozambique’s Academy of Sciences.  Before his audience Timerman drew a parallel between the Falklands issue and the island Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. “It’s an aftertaste of similar colonialism, developed by the United Kingdom in the 19th century, in both cases, there were armed territorial occupation and expulsion of the population”.

The African audience appeared bemused.


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