Argentina’s Foreign Ministry Reject EU’s Complaint

8 Mar

Britain’s request to the European Union to support its complaint to Argentina following the latter’s increasing blockade of the Falkland Islands was swiftly met. The EU has now asked Argentina for an explanation. “We would like Argentina to explain and clarify what is happening and give guarantees that it is going to completely respect its international commitments”, said John Clancy, Trade spokesperson for the European Commission.

The EC announced at the end of February that  it would call Argentina’s chargé d’affaires for explanations over trade concerns brought up by the UK.

Argentina’s response was just as swift however, and the Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires, headed by Hector Timerman, issued a statement. ” The Argentina Chancellery categorically rejects statements by the spokesman for trade of the European Union, John Clancy, about an order to the Argentina seeking clarification on the relations between United Kingdom and our country. The Argentina Republic has tried to raise, with the European Union, difficulties in the relationship with the United Kingdom on different occasions with their authorities. The Foreign Ministry is surprised that, while the authorities of the European Union request to various countries in other regions to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful manner and call for dialogue for this purpose, they maintain silence about the conduct of one of its members, the United Kingdom, that ignores the rules of international law expressed by a large majority of the community of Nations.”

Clarification appears not to be forthcoming.


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