Falklands Governor Speaks to Argentina

7 Mar

Speaking to an Argentine radio station yesterday, the Governor of the Falkland Islands, Nigel Haywood, stated the current war of words between Argentina and Britain was a result of, ” Argentina’s verbal attacks. We just defend the islanders’ right of self-determination,” adding that there was no connection with the United Kingdom’s domestic issues.

Asked about the alleged military build-up in the South Atlantic, the Governor explained, “There is no change in the military posture; the UK is just updating the equipment so that we can guarantee the Islands safety. It’s like having a computer. You may have initially bought it back in 1983 but then of course you have to update it. But at the end, updated or not you still have a computer.”

He also said that there was a degree of confusion over Argentina’s offer of regular flights from Buenos Aires to the airport near Stanley, “I’ve heard what Argentina’s President said and details were quite unclear. Plus, any proposals for transportation to the Islands are something that must also be discussed with the Islanders.The Islanders are very happy with the flights link we have with LAN Chile. We used to have charter flights from Argentina but the Argentine government stopped them. We’ll be glad to first discuss the resumption of those flights before any new transport links.”

Governor Haywood finished the interview by commenting on the relationship between ordinary citizens of the two countries, “We have normal contact with Argentine citizens. Just to cite an example, in two weeks time we’ll have a marathon here at Port Stanley and many Argentine runners will come to participate on it. Actually, an Argentine won last year’s race. Argentines are welcome as long as they do not come here to pick fights and make political remarks.”


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