Prince Harry’s secret mission in Brazil ?

6 Mar

Whilst Prince William works almost unnoticed at the Mount Pleasant airbase in the Falkland Islands, his younger brother, Prince Happy, has been enjoying rather more excitement as he tours the Caribbean representing the Queen in this Jubilee year.

Prince Harry received an enthusiastic reaction in the Bahamas, but may be less welcome when he gets to Brazil on Friday. Argentine protestors are readying for his arrival intent on disrupting the diplomatic visit all in the name of their country’s erroneous claim to the Falkland Islands.

Oswaldo Sicardi, a representative of the Argentine community in Brazil, described the visit as being in “bad taste”, coming, as it does, so close to the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Sicardi claims that the Royal visit is not about the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, but that the Prince; ” is clearly coming with an ulterior motive, to try to change Brazil´s position over the Falklands,” adding that the trip was another act of provocation “along with deploying Prince William, sending nuclear submarines and its most powerful warship.”

As part of this year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the British Royal Family are sending out representatives to many parts of the world, and the Duke of Kent is expected to arrive in the Falklands later.

Argentina regularly objects to visits to the archipelago by anyone from the Government and is particularly incensed when members of the Royal family show up there. With Prince William on deployment in the Islands as a Search and Rescue pilot, the Duke’s planned trip and visits by members of the Parliamentary Defence Committee, the South American country, which has colonialist ideas of its own, is finding a lot to moan about.


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