The Falklands – a mostly-self-governing Territory

1 Mar

While London and Buenos Aires battle away over the Falkland Islands it is comforting to note that life there proceeds as normal.

The Falkland Islands Government deal with all matters appertaining to the Falklands other than defence and foreign relations, and are responsible for such mundane tasks as setting up this years census, ensuring that there are sufficient facilities for the tourists, road traffic matters and pensions.

While technically designated as a non-self-governing territory by the United Nations, the truth is that after 50 years of UN support, and prodding, the Islanders’ run most aspects of their own lives. And not just the small things.

The economy, as with so many countries, needs to remain under constant scrutiny to ensure the future well-being of the archipelago, fishing licences provide a huge part of the Islands’ income, and the moves towards oil and gas development are currently being considered by the FIG. A working group is now looking into the readiness of the Government to respond to on-shore development and to consider how future revenue should be used. New guidelines for the issuing of off-shore exploration licences have just been approved.

So, while the storm rages around them, life goes on for this mostly-self-governing territory.


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