Argentina’s Friends and Supporters

29 Feb

Despite all its woes, likely sanctions and a death toll in excess of 7,000, Syria has manged two more achievements in the last week. It’s representative at the United Nations has been voted into the position of one of the officers of the Special Committee for Decolonisation (C24), and, in the midst of the rubble, has formed a support group backing Argentina’s dubious claim to the Falkland Islands.

According to Prensa Latina, ‘ Intellectuals, academicians, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, former diplomats and politicians from Syria constituted here the Supporting Group to Argentina for the recuperation of the Falkland Islands, now occupied by the United Kingdom.’

“Establishing the group, we are taking a very important supporting step for a fair cause,” said Argentinean Ambassador Roberto Ahuad, when opening the activity at Dedeman Hotel in Damascus on Tuesday.

This support group now joins others from Mexico, Peru, Chile and Cuba in attempting to force the United Kingdom to the negotiating table. A Democratic Front, without any actual democracies.

Add to these the support of jobbing actor Sean Penn and ancient rocker, Roger Waters, and it is surprising that the UK hasn’t already raised the white flag over the Falkland Islands, and given up on its pursuit of principle for the Islanders.

England trembles.



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