Argentina seeks to ban British imports

29 Feb

Argntina’s official news agency, Telam, is reporting moves by the Government of President Cristina Fernandez, to block imports of British goods into the South American country.

Officials have contacted some 20 companies within Argentina who have increased their imports from the United Kingdom in the last 12 months, in an attempt to persuade them to source materials from elsewhere. Citing the current trade imbalance between the countries, the companies concerned are being asked to deal only with nations that, “respect national sovereignty.”

“It is fundamental for Argentina to determine its strategic trade partners, and at the same time, send a clear signal to those who are still using colonialism as a way of gaining access to other people’s natural resources,” Ministry sources said.

In a speech in Rosario, President Fernandez said about the Falkland Islands; “If we make a mistake, it will be used against us, as what happened with the consequences of what took place as from April, 2nd, 1982 .. that is why we will unfailingly and strictly continue to respect international law to boost the defense of our sovereign rights”.

“The Falklands policy has ceased to be a State policy to become a global and regional cause. Argentines will attend the Olympics with our flag and pride held up high .. Today, there are, shamelessly, colonies in 16 countries. … That is why remembering the Falklands here is ratifying once again that this is a regional and global cause, that it is not only the defense of territorial integrity but of our history and our natural resources.”

Argentina is currently in breach of Article 74 of the United Nations Charter, Resolution 2625 and a number of maritime agreements allowing ‘friendly’ access through its waters. The reference to April 2nd is to the Falklands War when Argentina unilaterally broke off talks with Britain and invaded the South Atlantic territory. There are no longer any colonies in the traditional sense, and the 16 non-self-governing territories listed by the United Nations are separate entities under Resolution 2625, and all entitled to determine their own future,

A right in international law that Argentina seeks to deny to the peoples of the Falkland Islands.


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