A Falklands Saturday

19 Feb

Yesterday the Dominican Republic, following a meeting between its President, Leonel Fenández Reyna, and Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Héctor Timerman, reconfirmed its support for Argentina’s demand that the United Kingdom negotiate over the Falkland Islands.

The Chinese Ambassador to Buenos Aires has similarly exchanged assurances of support, with Argentina confirming its committment over Taiwan, and not to be left out, Chile’s Ambassador has confirmed his country’s support. Ambassador Garcia, referring to the recent telephone conversation between the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera, said; “.. Chile’s position on the Falklands has not changed.” Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, is due to visit Chile next month.

There is also a news report that Aeropuertos 2000 Argentina, intend to effect repairs to the cenotaph at Stanley in time for the commemoration service on the 2nd April, which remembers the 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion in 1982.

In El Dia, there is a long complaint about the way that the Falkland Islanders react to Argentines visiting the Islands. The author refers to a souvenir mug that shows South America without Argentina, and claims that the Islanders are abusive towards the national emblems which visitors from Argentina drape themselves in. “Ring fingers raised from the window of cars, passing such insults, threatening eyes, T-shirts and posters that offend our patriotic signs and clear belittling attitudes are rife with Argentina facing as soon land on the islands. …. there is a sector that does not lose the opportunity to let you know the visitors of our country that we are not welcome among the Islanders. While there is a widespread attitude, between the islanders a sector that loses no opportunity to let you know visitors to our country that we are not welcome.”

Which is hardly surprising if the tourists go around wearing the flag of the invasion army.




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