British oil rig operating in Argentine waters

17 Feb

Argentina is now accusing the oil exploration rig, Leiv Eriksson, of searching for oil within Argentina’s own Economic Exclusion Zone.

The Bermuda registered vessel, contracted to explore for oil around the Falkland Islands, is reported to have breached the 200 mile limit, by operating at a distance of 190 miles from Argentina’s coastline, leading to speculation that the company, Borders and Southern PLC, is planning to drill in disputed waters.

“In recent months we detected that they were on the point of violating our economic exclusion zone and for this reason we have been constantly monitoring,” said a source regarding the newly arrived rig. The same, unnamed source, speaking to the Buenos Aires Herald, claimed that this was not the first time that oil exploration had taken place in Argentine waters without the permission of the South American country.

“This exploration is illegal. The coastal state which should be providing exploration licences for this area is Argentina and not the United Kingdom.”

The United Kingdom disputes the position of the sea boundary between the Falklands and Argentina which the latter claims is; “the continental shelf of a bordering state includes the sea bed and sub-marine layers which extend beyond its territorial sea and across the length of the natural extension of its territory to the outer border of the continental margin, or to a distance of 200 miles counted from the base lines from which the borders of the territorial sea are measured, when the outer border of the continental margin does not reach the same distance.”

Britain, on the other hand, says that the ‘bordering state’, is the Falkland Islands, and that these waters fall within its Economic Zone.




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