British Defence Committee to visit the Falklands

17 Feb

Argentina’s Foreign Ministry yesterday claimed that the visit by a British Parliamentary Committee to the Falkland Islands is confirmation of the militarization of the South Atlantic as asserted in the protest presented to the United Nations last week.

“After sending a destroyer, a submarine and the Crown Prince in a military uniform, it has been announced that members of the Parliamentary Defence Committee will visit the Falkland Islands for the first time in more than a decade. … a ratification of the priorities of that country and corroboration of the allegations made by the Argentine Republic.”

“The Falkland Islands have been transformed by the United Kingdom into a key piece in a system of bases thousands of kilometers London for the control of the South Atlantic, the interoceanic accesses and the Antarctica, also the exploitation of the natural resources of the South Atlantic that belong to the people Argentine.”

The statement went on to demand that the British Government announce the location of a nuclear powered submarine whose presence is suspected by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, but unconfirmed in London. Britain’s Ministry of Defence never confirms, or denies, the location of its submarines.

When presented, the Argentine claims were described as ‘rubbish’ by Britain’s representative at the United Nations.

Britain’s Science Minister, David Willetts, was also due to visit the Falkland Islands yesterday, en route to see British bases in the Antarctic.



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