US sides with UK over the Falklands’ Protest

16 Feb

US State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters on Tuesday that the United States has no concerns following Argentina’s accusation that the United Kingdom is ‘militarizing’ the South Atlantic in its defence of the Falkland Islands.

“The UK has made it clear to us and to the Argentines that what they are engaged in, in a naval capacity, is normal and is typical for this time of year. So we don’t have any reason to question that…We do not have concerns”, Nuland said.

Following Argentina’s protest to the United Nations last week there has been a great deal of speculation about whether or not Britain has stationed one of its nuclear powered submarines near the archipelago at this time of increased belligerence by Argentina. April 2nd is the 30th anniversary of the short Falklands War which followed Argentina’s invasion of the British Overseas Territory, and Argentina has been noticeably more vocal in its demands that the archipelago be handed over it.

Listed by the United Nations as a ‘non-self governing territory’, the Islanders have the right to determine their own future, with Britain only dealing with matters of defence and foreign affairs. Since Britain’s victory after a 74 day-long fight, the USA, which supported Britain in the conflict, has maintained a position of public neutrality supporting the idea of a solution through negotiation.

Britain fully supports the rights granted to the Falkland Islanders by the UN, and has clearly stated that the issue of sovereignty is one for the people who live on the islands. The peoples of the Falkland Islands are currently being blockaded by Argentina, and some foods are in short supply.


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