Penn & Stink

16 Feb

As Sean Penn continues in his role as a jobbing diplomat for Haiti by touring South America trying to cadge funds out of his hosts, there was a nice quote in the Wall Street Journal, referring to Penn’s comments about the Falkland Islands, that bears repeating; “The people of Mexico want Sean Penn’s estate, so they should have it. Because stealing stuff from the rightful owners is the only way to combat colonialism.”

Now it appears to be Chile’s turn, with the occasional actor cum-left-wing-activist siding with Bolivia in its claim for access to the sea over land captured in a war between those two countries, way back in the 1879 War of the Pacific. Penn made no mention of Argentina using that same conflict to steal a huge chunk of Tierra del Fuego when Chile was busy.

Whilst Penn is on his tour, in aid of the Haitians who have named him their Itinerant Ambassador (that may be a bad translation), it would be a good idea to point out that the United Kingdom not only met its aid promises to Haiti, but actually exceeded the amount promised. Countries like Argentina on the other hand ……


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