Chile agrees to respect Britain’s position over the Falkland Islands

15 Feb

Reports from Chile today confirm that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, will visit the country early in 2013, later than initially expected.

Chile’s President, Sebastián Piñera, took a telephone call from the British Prime Minister earlier this week to discuss a range of issues including Argentina’s bellicose stance over the Falkland Islands in this, the 30th year since the Falklands War. No details of the conversation have been released as yet, other than a confirmation that the two leaders agreed to respect each other’s positions on the subject of the Falklnd Islands.

Britain’s position is that the Islanders’ right to self-determination must be respected, and protected, and that sovereignty talks cannot happen without their consent. Chile, on the other hand, publicly supports its neighbours’ claim to the South Atlantic archipelago whilst trying to steer a path whereby it maintains friendly relations with both the United Kingdom, and Argentina.

Cristine Fernandez, Argentina’s President, is also expected to make a visit to Chile sometime this year.

Chile, and Uruguay, have publicy stated that they have no interest in supporting Argentina’s blockade of the Falkland Islands and, as a result, threats to the air link between Chile and the Islands appear to have dissipated for the time being.



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