Argentina’s Dock Workers Ban British Shipping

14 Feb

“We have resolved to boycott any ship with the British flag, or with the lying and invented flag of the Falklands, or with any flag of convenience which the British pirates use,” the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers, which includes dock workers, said in a statement today, announcing action against the United Kingdom.

The Union’s declaration is the latest in a series of measures imposed by Argentina to bring pressure on the United Kingdom, to agree to talks over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Previous measures include a ban on any Falklands flagged vessel entering a port belonging to one of the Mercosur group of nations, and harassment of fishing vessels returning to the Rio de la Plata from the South Atlantic archipelago.

Spain has already protested at the actions being taken against its fishing fleet which operates in Falklands waters, and this further measure appears designed to attack the British merchant fleet.

Rumours have also abounded about Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, banning flights to the Falklands passing through Argentine airspace, although this has been denied by Chile. ” No talks have taken place nor a request by Argentina regarding Chile’s LAN airline flights between Punta Arenas and the Falkland Islands, “ a spokesman for the Chilean Government confirmed earlier.



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