Usual Suspects Support Argentina

13 Feb

A cacophony of complaints have followed Argentina’s protest to the United Nations concerning Britain’s alleged ‘militarization’ of the South Atlantic, albeit from the usual suspects.

Cuban ex-dictator Fidel Castro gave a speech on Friday to a meeting of 117 writers and scientists demanding that the United Kingdom “get out” of the Falkland Islands as they have “nothing to do there.”

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, quickly followed suit accusing the British of being, ” too arrogant to sit down and discuss the matter,” and claiming that Britain was in breach of 40 United Nations Resolutions. He added that the British Overseas Territory, which has been a British possession since 1766, was, ” brazen and crude colonialism in our America,” before threatening sanctions against the United Kingdom.

Chile’s Foreign Minister, Afredo Moreno, was rather more muted, saying that Chile had maintained its support of Argentina’s claim over a long period and wished to see the issue resolved through negotiation, but added that the situation was completely different to the outstanding sovereignty dispute between his country and Bolivia. The Foreign Minister also quickly qualified his remarks by saying that this support, “does not affect our relations with the United Kingdom.”

Ollanta Humala, Peru’s President had also sent a letter of support to Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, expressing his concern about Britain’s supposed military build up, and Peru’s “solidarity and support for Argentina’s legitimate rights.”

Hugo Chavez ranted, assuring Argentina that they, “were not alone,” while Urguguay’s spokesman merely said that they were, “concerned.”

All in all, a normal week in the America’s.


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