Falklands Governor Accuses Argentina of Distorting History

12 Feb

In an interview with the Clarin Newspaper, the Governor of the Falkland Islands, Nigel Haywood, denied that the United Kingdom was ‘militarizing’ the South Atlantic, pointing out that countries modernise their fleets in much the same way as most people upgrade their computers.

When asked about Hector Timerman, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, registering a protest with the United Nations, the Governor responded; “The position we have is exactly the same that we had. With regard to the deployment of HMS Dauntless, we always had a destroyer here. .. But if Argentina continues with strong and misleading statements, we are going to challenge them. You can not attack someone and then when challenged, accuse him of being aggressive. ..  Frankly, Argentina is deceiving the world in numerous areas and we must respond. .. Argentina has taken deliberate policies to make life difficult for the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands.”

Talking about Prince William, Haywood stated; “It is not symbolic! The Prince is working. It is an update of his training .. “

And on the subject of Argentine demands for negotiations; “.. we used to enjoy the cooperation with Argentina in key areas, oil, fishing, air links, transport. Argentina has withdrawn from all of these areas. We would like to tell Argentina ‘Let’s talk’ on these issues of concern to both sides. Perhaps that’s what Ban-ki moon meant. One thing that we will not talk about is sovereignty until the Falkland Islands people wish to begin to talk about it.”

“Argentina is distorting history, whether deliberately or not, but what appears is a distortion that must be corrected.”



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