This Lady IS for turning !

11 Feb

In an apparrent volte-face, Argentina’s Ambassador to Uruguay made a series of statements yesterday supporting the Uruguayan trade delegation currently visiting the Falkland Islands, and denying the existence of an economic blockade around the British Overseas Territory. President Cristina Fernandez’s policy of isolating the archipelago is now dead it would seem.

Ambassador Dovena said at a press conference to announce the opening of a new Forum; “That a group of business people travel to the Islands to try and fathom business possibilities do not worry us at all. On the contrary it makes us happy that the Islanders can live better with the help of Uruguayan trade people”

The  “Malvinas Forum in Uruguay” is part of Argentina’s policy of opening up as many support group networks as it is able, designed to promote Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands which have been British since 1766. Surprisingly, considering the vocal support given to Argentina by the majority of Latin American nations, the forums have been established mostly within those countries although whether this is a case of ‘preaching to the converted’, or shoring up wavering support is not very clear. Opposition voices are starting to be heard within Argentina itself, so the exercise may be necessary.

Hector Timerman’s trip to the United Nations to lodge a formal protest over the ‘militarization’ of the South Atlantic took place yesterday with the exaggerated accusation that the United Kingdom was deploying nuclear weapons in the region is defiance of UN Resolutions to the contrary. “Thus far the UK refuses to say whether it is true or not,” he told a press conference in New York. “Are there nuclear weapons or are there not? The information Argentina has is that there are these nuclear weapons.”

Britain has a policy of never commenting on the location of its submarine fleet, so the accusation is easily made, but hard to prove. The British Government have denied any changes to their deployments in the area of the Falkland Islands despite the escalating rhetoric in the lead up to the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s invasion of the Islands in 1982.

Argentina has also moved to separate its present Government from that of the military Junta which controlled Argentina at the time of the war. Ignoring old pictures of rapturous crowds cheering General Galtieri’s announcement of their invasion, the current Administration would rather blame their fascist predecessors in the hope that they can still lay claim to the UN Resolutions that they had achieved before 1982.

On receiving Argentina’s protest, the UN General-Secretary, Ban Ki-moon expressed his ‘concern’, but made no statement.


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