Britain Attacks Argentina’s Constitution

11 Feb

Britain has attacked Argentina’s Constitution in the escalating war of words over who owns the Falkland Islands.

Following the presentation of Argentina’s protest to the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, containing accusations that the United Kingdon is ‘militarizing’ the South Atlantic, the British Ambassador to the UN, Mark Grant, called the allegations ‘rubbish’. He added, “It is only because Argentina illegally invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982 that we had to increase our defence posture. Nothing has changed in that defence posture in recent months or recent years, we are threatening no one.”

He then went on to criticise Argentina’s position over sovereignty of the Falklands, “When they changed their Constitution they did so in a very hostile manner, because they considered it a duty for Argentina to obtain the islands’ sovereignty. They changed the Constitution to include the fact that it is a duty to obtain the sovereignty of a territory over which they never had sovereignty and in which there are several generations of islanders.”

Argentina demands that Britain sit down and negotiate over who owns the remote archipelago, and accuses the UK of being unwilling to discuss the issue in defiance of a number of UN General Assembly Resolutions demanding that talks take place. What is rarely mentioned is that Resolution 2065 which called for talks, was stabbed in the back by Argentina’s invasion of 1982. There appears to be no life left in it. As for the Resolutions that followed the 74 day long Falklands War, these called for a resolution of the problems that prevented a resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In 1989 these talks finally took place and diplomatic contact resumed.

There have been no UN Resolutions since 1988.

The problem with Argentina’s demand for talks is that, in its 1994 amendment to the Nation’s Constitution it precluded all options other than a complete take-over by Argentina of the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. This renders talks rather futile.

The Argentine Nation ratifies its legitimate and non-prescribing sovereignty over the Malvinas, Georgias del Sur and Sandwich del Sur Islands and over the corresponding maritime and insular zones, as they are an integral part of the National territory. The recovery of said territories and the full exercise of sovereignty, respectful of the way of life of their inhabitants and according to the principles of international law, are a permanent and unrelinquished goal of the Argentine people.


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