Damp Squibs

9 Feb

First there was the announcement about the announcement, surrounded by hype and secrecy, then there was conjecture about the announcement, full of fears of blockades, and then finally came the announcement.

Billed as gala event, all the usual suspects were invited to be present, together with less obvious choices, such as the Opposition, Veterans and President Cristina Fernandez’s own Fernandez Youth. Another Munich in the making perhaps, a people roused up as one by a leader intent on taking what had been denied to them.

But then again.

In the event, President Fernandez announced the publication of an old report about the Falklands War, probably, or at least after a Committee had reviewed it. She also announced that Argentina would give access to mental health care for its veterans of that ill-fated little conflict. Not pensions, but access to the nut-house. And finally, Argentina’s leader declared her intention to complain to the United Nations Security Council that the evil ex-Empire, Britain, was militarizing the South Atlantic. With one ship. Which is, in fact, replacing another ship.

And that was it, apart from the singing, fireworks and general jubilation from all present, and apart from the veterans whose seats had been taken by the Fernandez Youth apparently.

Well, you cannot please all of the people, all of the time …. although perhaps you can fool them.


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