Chileans demonstrate against Argentina

9 Feb

With expectations of an Argentine ban on the weekly Lan Chile flight to the Falkland Islands, more that 200 Chileans who live on the Islands have demonstrated their opposition to the suggested suspension.

The changes to the flights would mean Chilean residents of the Falklands would be unable to get home, or back to work again, unless they were prepared to fly via London. “The hardest hit would be the Chileans who live here, residents and non-resident,” sais Alex Olmeda, a Chilean resident of the Falklands. “There are many people who come to work for seasons or contracts for one or two years. For them, it would be a considerable loss.”

An announcement of the ban however, was not included in the speech, and rally, held by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernández, this week. Sources from Buenos Aires indicate that Fernández’s silence yesterday was an “overwhelming” sign that the idea of suspending flights was not a plan in the short-term. It is generally believed that such an action would be too costly for Argentina’s administration, and would not force the UK to open negotiations. “The English would be victimized and they would accuse us of a blockade,” sources in Argentina said yesterday.

The flight from Chile lands in Argentina every fortnight and any ban on it flying through Argentine air-space would also impact on those relatives who visit the war graves, in the archipelago, dating back to the 1982 Falklands War.


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