Falklands – Other Views

8 Feb

Argentina’s attempts at an economic blockade of the Falkland Islands appears to still have a few gaps in it.

Regional leaders have all offered their support for President Cristina Fernandez’s dubious claim to the South Atlantic archipelago, going as far as to ban the 26 ships that are registered to fly the Falklands flag, from their ports. Of these 22 are Spanish fishing vessels. Left-wing Caribbean members of ALBA are also alleged to have followed suit.

Uruguay was the first of the Mercosur nations to announce the flag ban, but has made no mention of the group of Uruguayan business men currently visiting the Falklands and inspecting the agricultural industry there with a view to negotiating trade agreements.

Chile has also firmly supported its neighbour on the issue of the flags, and, as a matter of policy, backs Argentina in its claim to the Falkland Islands which have been British since 1766. Speaking out in opposition to the Chilean Government’s stance however, is the leading trade group within Chile, which has expressed doubts about the Argentine claim and raised their fears of a backlash by Britain.

The group has issued a statement saying; “Argentine claims over the Falklands are not worthy of Chilean support. While it can be understood that the country would support a neighbor, this may have consequences in terms of hampering relations between our country and England,” adding that, “the Argentine claim has a little solid legal basis.”




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