Argentina to Protest to the UN – Again!

8 Feb

Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez said yesterday that her country will lodge a formal complaint with the Secretary-General of the United Nations over the deployment to the South Atlantic, of the Royal Navy’s newest Type 45 destroyer, HMS Dauntless.

Accusing Britain of raising the stakes in the stand-off over the Falkland Islands, Fernandez urged the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to avoid moves that would escalate the problems between the two countries and push matters into ‘dangerous ground.’

Argentines believe that the Falkland Islands should belong to them due to their geographical location and a particular view of history, which has Argentina inheriting the archipelago from Spain on its independence in 1816. Spain maintained its own claim to the Falklands until 1863.

“We have suffered too much violence already to be attracted to military games  and wars,” President Fernandez said during a nationally broadcast address, adding that Argentina’s claim will be pursued through diplomacy.

She urged Britain to comply with United Nations resolutions calling on both  sides to negotiate the islands’ sovereignty, although it remains unclear which Resolutions are still in force over this issue. Argentina registers regular protests with the UN over the Falklands, achieving one-a-month in 2006.

Britain has maintained a military presence in and around the Falkland Islands since Argentina attempt to seize the Islands by force in 1982, and destroyers are a regular presence in the south seas. Although a perfectly routine deployment, Argentina appears upset at having a warship in those water that is so modern and powerful that its capability alone far exceeds that of any South American country. Rumours also persist of a nuclear submarine being posted to the region, but the Ministry of Defence never comments of that type of deployment.

The temperature continues to rise as the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s 1982 invasion draws near.


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