Falklands – No Talks on Sovereignty

7 Feb

Speaking on a radio programme yesterday, Dick Sawle, a member of the Falkland Islands’ Legislative Assembly spoke of the tripartite nature of the issues concerning the South Atlantic archipelago, and the recent war of words.

Emphasising that the Falkland Islands are economically independent from the United Kingdom, and are only reliant on the administering power for their defence; MLA Sawle said; “When talking about the Falklands, there are three parts involved in this: the British government, ours, which is a democracy and Argentina … We are always willing to talk to Argentina about many issues except our sovereignty. “

Referring to the recent controversy, he added; “There are things going on here all the time, such as Prince William doing his job as a helicopter pilot. If people want to read something else into that, then it is not true. And the HMS Dauntless is a type 45 ship replacing a type 42 one, which was already pretty old. Its deployment is normal and something like this happens in any modern military force.”

On the issue of self-determination, Mr. Sawle said; “We do not depend on any country, not even England, expect for their defence of the islands, necessary due to Argentina’s aggression in the past, which has continued since 1982…. we want to continue with our self-determination and determine our own future .. Our sovereignty is not negotiable… most of the Falklands population sees itself as islanders first and British second …We have our own traditions and British traditions as well. “

The Falkland Islanders’ right to determine their own future is enshrined in the United Nations Charter.


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