Who ?

5 Feb

Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands now appears in a section of Fidel Castro’s new book, “Guerrillero del Tiempo” (Guerrilla of Time), a two-volume ghost-written memoir that the 85 year retired Dictator of Cuba has recently been promoting. Referring to the Falklands as “that bit of land snatched from Argentina”, Castro uses his memoirs to put his peculiar slant on world events.

In a separate display of support for Argentine aspirations, another South American leader, Hugo Chavez raised the matter at the weekend’s conference for ALBA, an association of left-wing countries which he founded. Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, attended the talks and was assured by the leader of Venezuela that; “The issue of the Malvinas Islands is an issue that concerns us, especially with the strong language that has emerged from the British government, accusing Argentina of being colonialist… the world in reverse.”

Similar support has also been expressed this week by pressure groups in Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Indeed, the only country offering public support for Argentina’s spurious claim to the British Overseas Territory, that is actually listed as a Full Democracy, is neighbouring Uruguay, whose economy is heavily dependent on Argentina.

Britain should tremble.


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