Demonstrations outside the British Embassy in Buenos Aires

21 Jan

Rioters have attacked the British Embassy in Buenos Aires following the most recent exchanges over the Falkland Islands.

A crowd of noisy and agitated demonstrators formed up outside the Embassy, which was protected by riot police, to show their indignation at the British Prime Minister’s accusations that Argentina has colonial ambitions for the South Atlantic archipelago.

David Cameron, in the House of Commons on Wednesday had reaffirmed his Government’s support for the 3,000 Falkland Islanders, and accused Argentina of aggression. He also confirmed that the National Security Council was watching Argentina’s belligerence closely, and that the Country was prepared to defend their distant Overseas Territory.

Argentina’s Vice-President, Amado Boudou, and Foreign Minister, Hestor Timerman, reacted furiously to the accusation, claiming that Cameron was attempting to re-write history and that their claim to sovereignty was well founded.

During this, the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s last attempt to take the Falkland Islands by force, the political game of ping-pong is reaching an early intensity. April 2nd sees the anniversary of the invasion by Argentine forces in 1982, a war that only lasted 74 days before a British Task Force defeated the invaders. Argentina claims that its first military force was thrown off the islands back in 1833. Britain’s claims to sovereignty go back to 1690.



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