Argentina Reacts

18 Jan

In a reaction to the comments by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, accusing Argentina of having a ‘colonialist’ attitude towards the Falkland Islands, Acting President Amado Boudou said that the stance was; “an ignorant and dumb outburst of historical reality.”

He went on; “Everybody knows how the United Kingdom acted with colonialism. There are signals and consequences in every continent of what colonialism did to those people, the subjugation, and it saddens us to listen to this fallacy and outburst.”

Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Héctor Timerman, counter attacked by saying that; “it catches one’s attention to hear such statements when Great Britain and Colonialism are synonymous… instead of calling the National Security Committee, Great Britain should call UN’s Secretary General Ban ki Moon and respond positively to all resolutions issued by the UN calling Britain to open the dialogue with Argentina in order to find a pacific solution to Argentina’s claims of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.” 

He added that; “we live in a world where only colonialism left-overs can be found, but it seems that as far as the British empire is in full decline, they have now decided to re-write history.”

Argentina’s version of history has it that they inherited the Falklands from Spain in 1816 when they declared their independence, and that the British expelled a thriving colony in 1833. Britain’s claim goes back to 1690, and the first garrison was sent there in 1766. Following accusations that the Islands were a ‘pirates nest, leveled by the USA in 1832, Britain re-established its sovereignty.

The Falkland Islands are listed as a non-self governing territory by the United Nations, and have the right to determine their own future enshrined in the UN’s Charter. There are no ‘live’ UN Resolutions concerning the Falkland Islands at this time.


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