Bolivia accuses Britain of collusion with Chile

13 Jan

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, has accused Britain of colluding with Chile in the 1879 war in which Bolivia lost its coastal area and became land-locked.

Expressing Bolivia’s support for Argentina over the Falkland Islands, Morales rejected the request made to the region’s nations by William Hague,British Foreign Secretary, to allow into their ports ships flying the Falklands flag, saying; “the English Foreign Secretary cannot tell the South American countries not to associate with Argentina”.

Speaking to the Bolivian News  Agency, he added; “Falklands belongs to Argentina and that is why we support the Argentine people’s decision, of its Government and of its President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to defend its rights on the islands. Bolivia will join forces with Argentina to defend South American sovereignty .. the struggle to recover the Malvinas for Argentina will continue, in the same way that we want to recover for Bolivia the sea lost during the territorial war against Chile in 1879 … The world knows that in an unfair war, the British took over the Malvinas, in the same way that in 1879 English transnational organisations allied to the Chilean oligarchic sector, deprived us of our sea.”

Elsewhere, the former Chilean Foreign Minister, Jose Insulza, questioned Britain’s attitude to the flags issue, saying; “I’ve never understood the persistence of the United Kingdom in sending boats they could send perfectly well with British flags, .. They expect a group of countries which don’t recognize the existence of the Falklands Islands to accept boats with a flag from those islands”

William Hague has announced that Chile, Brazil and Uruguay have given assurances that they will not join in the Argentine economic blockade of the Falklands, but he pointed out that Paraguay refused to make any such committment.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has insisted that Britain will protect its Overseas Territory, and continued to support the Islander’s right to determine their own future without interference.


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